Giovanni Maria Tomaselli

About me

Hi, I am Gimmy and I am a physicist.

Currently I am a PhD candidate at GRAPPA, University of Amsterdam, under the joint supervision of professors Daniel Baumann and Gianfranco Bertone. I will defend my doctoral thesis in Fall 2024 and then join the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey, as a postdoctoral member.

My research interests span gravitational physics, theoretical and astrophysical aspects of black holes, gravitational-wave astronomy, dark matter and beyond the Standard Model particle physics. I devoted a major part of my PhD to the study of gravitational-wave signatures of black hole superradiance in binary inspirals. Check out my publications on InSpire and Google Scholar.

I spend a lot of time and energy organizing the Physics and Math Olympiads in Italy, for which I enjoy creating many new problems. Similarly, I like being a teaching assistant and preparing exams for physics courses at University.

Other subjects and activities I am passionate about include: space exploration, Pokémon videogames, botany, and evolutionary biology. I also love hiking and exploring wild locations: my favorite one so far has been Kangaroo Island, in South Australia.

Short CV

2024-2027 (future) Member, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
2020-2024 PhD, University of Amsterdam
2015-2020 Diploma, Scuola Normale Superiore
2018-2020 Master's degree, University of Pisa
2015-2018 Bachelor's degree, University of Pisa


Address Office C4.159, Science Park 904, 1098 XH Amsterdam, The Netherlands